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Perspective Website

Here is the link to the website we used in art today.

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Climbing Wall Poems

Yesterday we visited Sandown Rocks climbing wall had had a go climbing up the huge 12m wall. This morning we wrote some acrostic poems to inspire people to challenge themselves to reach their goals. Pictures to follow!

Climbing is so much fun,

Living the dream is even better,

Imagine what you could do,

My rope is holding me up,

Blue sky’s and the summer sunny day,

I can feel my heart in my throat,

Nice instructors will keep you safe,

Giving up is not the key,


Walls are the best thing,

Anyone can do it,

Lots to do an

Lots of fun


By Nikki


Climbing is so much fun , you should try it,

Love to see you try to do it,

If you think it is impossible go on and do it , challenge yourself,

My heart is racing but I can at least try,

But even if you think you cant , you can,

In the time you have to try and make it possible for you,

Never give up,

GOALS are important,


When you reach the top you have one it,

All the times it is not that far just don’t look down,

Let them guide you through it,

Let you guide yourself ,


By Amy


Climb up and up till the top,

Learning by mistakes you make,

In the sky climbing so high,

Make memories of your challenge ,

Believe in yourself,

Imagine how you will feel when you achieve it,

Never give up,

Grab the rocks and climb up up and away,


What ever it is it will always be a challenge,

All the people know you can do it,

Listening to the positive people,

Look up and not down,


By Thea


Climbing is lots of fun when you at least try to reach your goal,

Leaning in on you is the climbing wall (try your hardest to get to the top!)

If I can do it than you can do it better,

Muttering to yourself “I cant do this”, well turn those thoughts around and have fun,

But do not worry you will not fall Mrs Gray would never put you in danger!

Insecure insecure the rope is certainly not insecure,

Never look down look up and say I can do this

Goal goal I reached my goal every one reaches there goal if they try,


When you reach your goal at the climbing wall you will feel amazing,

And that is if you choose to set a goal,

Let yourself set a goal today,

Let me tell you there are lots of different types of goal choose one that suites you

Believe IN YOURSELF!!!!!! –Persevere!


By Rosie-Lou


Climb to your goal, stand your ground#,

Learn and fail it helps you succeed,

It will all come together when you find the core,

Months and years take your time,

Breathtaking views from sky’s above,

If you can sing the song tell the rhyme,

No one can stop you don’t let them,

Gosh! It is hard but you’ll get there in the end,


Walking then running sprinting and jogging,

All the time your one step closer,

Laughing out aloud,

Love your life make the most of it try your best and never give up.


By Tabby

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Summer 1 Homework Tasks

summer 1 homework

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New Topic Web for The Medina Valley

Medina Valley topic web

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Indus Valley Exhibition

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World Book Day!

Just a few snaps of today-costumes and puppet show!

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Science Space Night

Brandy class enjoyed a fantastic scientific sleepover in school on Friday night. There were many activities on offer including a Space Hunt, Big Build, Lazer Challenge and a constellation builder. The children were treated to Pizza and a lovely breakfast – thank you Mrs Gray! Here are some photos for you to enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The Indus Valley – Topic Web

Indus Valley Topic web for your reference :

Indus topic web

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Indus Valley – WEBLINKS

A quick entry to give you some website that will help for extra learning on this half terms topic THE INDUS VALLEY: – BBC new revision videos


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Which mindset are you?

The children have been discussing the concept of ‘Fixed” and ‘Growth’ mindsets in their PSHE time on Friday – Which mindset are you?


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