Learn Like an Egyptian

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to school after the sunny half term break. We are about to embark on our final half term of learning together with lots of exciting learning and activities. Our topic focus will be ‘Ancient Egypt’. Here is some more detail of the content.

Summer 2 Web

In readiness for Year 6, format of homework will be changed to bring it in line with Year 6 expectations. To summarise, the children should complete the following each week:

  • Spellings – say, look, cover, write, check
  • Grammar & Punctuation activity sheet
  • Maths worksheet – related to our in class learning
  • One Topic Task Homework of your choosing
  • Reading diary completed with reading Monday-Friday

PE will focus on outdoor athletics in preparation for sports day. This will continue to be taught on Tuesday, but could also take place on any other day depending on weather conditions, so please make sure your kit is in school every day.

Thank you for a fantastic year of learning. I look forward to our final half term together and would like to wish you and your children all the best as they move onto the next stage of their primary school journey. Many thanks for your continued support. As always, if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

You can find more detailed planning under the planning tab above.

Kind regards

Mr J. Taylor & Mrs T. Rogers


Amazon World

3F8DD8E1-07E9-43BA-A75F-BC22CD12994EBCA13C36-BB80-4A8E-ADFE-66C4FDC4BE16D86AAD32-83B4-4B43-BAFE-B3025263FD97447EC2BF-CE01-4B5A-A927-163DABA1558581A1A6F2-05B6-4BA2-AB30-B29F1E1EE1DB2BF8632E-AA47-44F3-B703-3E03530F3C43Today Brandy Class enjoyed an exciting educational visit to Amazon World. We learnt about animal adaptation, deforestation and climate change.



Into the Rainforest

Welcome back to school after the Easter break.We will start our learning this half term with a topic that I know the children have been looking forward to named  ‘The Amazon Rainforest’. Please find detail of the content below.

Summer 1 Web

We have an extremely busy half term coming up, make sure you keep your eye on the newsletter for important dates.

Thank you for ensuring your child is reading regularly. Their enjoyment of reading really does affect the quality of writing and reading comprehension in school. Thank you also for the effort that has gone into the homework so far. I always enjoy coming in on a Monday morning to see what amazing tasks the children have completed. Your child will have new tasks stuck in their homework book and as usual, all homework will be due on a Monday morning.

Many thanks for your continued support. As always, if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

You can find more detailed planning for this half term by clicking on the Planning Tab at the top of this page.

Mr Taylor


Rainforest Homework


Portsmouth Educational Visit

What a fantastic day today at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The children took part in a workshop investigating how the Mary Rose sank before taking a guided tour of the museum. We then visited the HMS Victory and completed some artwork before heading home. Tomorrow your child will be bringing home a free child ticket for the Mary Rose museum if you would like to visit again in future.Come to our class assembly after the Easter Break to hear more about it and see more photos!