Our learning this half term…

Our topic will be centred around our class book – Stormbreaker by Anthony Horrowitz. It will focus on modern technology, gadgets and gizmos… we’re extremely excited about it – especially the prosect of building our own moving-cam buggy!

Remembrance Day

The children explored the history of Remembrance Day today. They have understood the origin of the poppy as a symbol of sacrifice, hope and remembrance. We have discussed world war and modern conflict, during which they asked insightful and sensitive questions. In the afternoon they explored the local links to world war and remembrance through the Wroxall monument. Each child researched the story of a local named on the monument and their journey. Myself and Mrs Green were extremely proud of the children as they produced some extremely thoughtful and poignant poetry based on the original Flanders Fields work. We then walked to the memorial and those that wished to read their verses aloud in honour of those named. Today especially, I am a very proud teacher of very thoughtful, connected and creative students. We will remember…always.