Marvellous Maps

This afternoon we have been studying ordnance survey maps finding symbols and locations.



Wonderful Wednesday

What we did on Wonderful Wednesday

Thinking skills

On Wednesday we did halving.

Half of 3332 = 1666

Half of 8250 = 4125


In English we wrote a letter to Justin Bieber .

Dear Justin Bieber,

Though I love your music, I wanted to inform you that your hatred to the English language in your song boyfriend is apparent. You did not use the subjunctive form correctly!


Rounding to 10

4628 = 4630

Rounding to 100

3818 = 3800

Rounding to 1000

21930 = 22000


In PE we learnt tag rugby with Mr Woodhouse although we were caught in a huge storm!


By Grace and Lillia

Marvellous Monday & Terrific Tuesday

Marvellous Monday

Today we did Science, Maths & English. Our favourite was Maths.

What we did:


In English we were spotting the vocabulary & the structure of  formal/informal letters. We found it pretty fun.


In Maths we learnt about x by 10, 100 and 1000. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard. Some people struggled but got to the end.


We learnt about the different forces Eg: Gravity, reaction force and air resistance.

Terrific Tuesday

Today we did Maths, English and Art. Our favourite was Art.


In English we rewrote informal letters and turned them into formal letters. It was about a man called Mr A. Noyd complaining about getting his sink fixed.


In maths we learnt about rounding. Mr Taylor taught us a poem.

Find the column,

Look next door,

Round it up if it’s five or more.


In Art we made birthday cards to give out to our friends this year. We read some more of Harry Potter which was exciting.


By Daniel and Finley