Remembrance Day

The children explored the history of Remembrance Day today. They have understood the origin of the poppy as a symbol of sacrifice, hope and remembrance. We have discussed world war and modern conflict, during which they asked insightful and sensitive questions. In the afternoon they explored the local links to world war and remembrance through the Wroxall monument. Each child researched the story of a local named on the monument and their journey. Myself and Mrs Green were extremely proud of the children as they produced some extremely thoughtful and poignant poetry based on the original Flanders Fields work. We then walked to the memorial and those that wished to read their verses aloud in honour of those named. Today especially, I am a very proud teacher of very thoughtful, connected and creative students. We will remember…always.


Bye bye!

Farewell to Brandy Class 2016, have a great summer and enjoy your Year 6 adventure ahead. You have have made us both so proud of what you have achieved – #greattimesahead, #brandysalwayswithyou

Mr T & Mr W-G




The Brilliant Brandy Quest

Yesterday was Monday and the whole of Brandy had to go on a quest to find the missing shapes but before we could go and find the shapes we had to complete some tasks in our groups we had a certain amount of time to do that. One of the activities was a question, what does a I phone have in common with a toilet?

Can you find out the answer? comment your answer down bellow.

There were shapes hidden every where there was one up in the bank, one in the tree and so many more I can’t remember were they are. But on these shapes there were letters. We had to take 5 from the alphabet and work out the code with the letters and then do what it said. Group 2 came first and won some cakes.

By Baya Savannah and Rosie

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