Our Environment – Topic web Summer Term 2 2014


Here is our topic web for the current Half Term. We have a busy half term of many events and activites. Please ask your child regularly for any additional letters and forms for needed for the different activities.

It has been a great year so far – there is no telling what we can achieve this half term!

Mr W-G

Topic web below:

Topc web - our enviro sum2 2014



A quick update – I couldn’t wait for the coin-counting machine. Have just been counting away and adding up totals.

Amazed I recounted…

I am very happy to report that the total raised is £90.00!!!! 

So proud to have such wonderful classes at Wroxall Primary School.

Thank you so much for all the family members that attended, supported and are always engaged with their children’s learning!


Brandy Class want to SAVE AN ORANGUTAN!


For the next four weeks Brandy Class have set ourselves a challenge to raise some monies to adopt an Orangutan. We have be moved to do this in response to the discoveries we have made about the exploitation of the Rainforests on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Nearly 5000 Orangutans are lost every year to intensive removal of the Rainforests for such things as Palm Oil plantations and logging.

See where they live below:



A video that supports our cause can be found at the following link:


We have been given the homework to think of fund-raising ideas that we can ask permission of Mrs Gray to do at lunchtimes, topic times or for a short time after school. There is no expectation at all that any fundraising take place outside of school although some of the class have already asked if this would be possible.

We are really motivated to make this happen and would love the parents to join in with ideas if they have any!

Brandy Class!

More information can be found here:


And adoption information can be found here:



Helpful History links for hopefully great homework!


Below are some links to help with this week’s homework – enjoy!






More to be added as they are hunted down! Any other links, let me know with a comment :-)