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Help for homework :-) BBC Bitesize


Good morning,

In addition to the help and support in school with the challenges for this terms homework please find a useful link below. The BBC KS2 Bitesize has some very good guides for writing in different formats. To have a quick look at the format just click ‘Read’ or if you want the full range you can play an educational game and watch a short animation as well.

Happy Homework Challenges to you all, as always please comment if you need some extra help.


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Scotland Votes ‘NO’ to Independence

Pro-union supporters celebrate

For all of those who have been interested in this week’s ‘BIG STORY’ click the link below to read more about the result from the Newsround website. What does this mean for the U.K. now?

Mr W-G

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Mathletics Champions



C.A.R.E. Board – Update


Some great numeracy personal CHALLENGES from our children’s C.A.R.E. board. Next weeks focus is RESPECT. Time for some Amazing Friday Learning (I think that’s what AFL stands for he he) Mr W-G :-)

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Music Maestro!

Today Brandy Class had an exciting music lesson with Mrs Patterson. We did some excellent singing and then started to learn how to read and compose music.



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Let’s Dance

Today, Brandy Class joined forces with the Year 4’s from Blossom class to take part in an exciting dance lesson. This is our PE topic for the first half term and lessons will always be on a Monday afternoon.




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Letter to Parents


A very big welcome back to school for you and your children,

It is a new start for our Year 4’s in Brandy class and a fresh look for the classroom for the year 5’s as well. As always we will start the year with positivity and excitement and a bucket load of optimism. It is an important year for all with the start of a new curriculum and the launching of some new topics.

During the year there will be various trips and visits to enhance the new topics and enrich you child’s learning. Information about these trips will be readily made available to you at the earliest opportunity.

For our Year 4’s we hope a that multitude of cross-key stage activities undertaken last year will ensure a quick settling in period with the year 5’s making them most welcome. Whilst this is what we expect if you should have any concerns or questions then please just pop in before or after school for a brief conversation an appointment can be made for a longer meeting should you wish.

Our topic for the first half term is Italy. We will be learning about the Mediterranean culture in Italy and some of its ancient history through the Roman impact on Britain. The class will also be experimenting with cooking of Roman food and the modern cuisine of Pizza. This topic also affords an opportunity to explore Europe, its geography and associated current affairs.

Please continue to use the class blog site – it will regularly be updated by children along with the technical expertise of Mr Taylor . Please feel free to post comments an questions here as you wish.

Homework will be set for the majority of weeks. It will be sent out on a Tuesday and is due back by the following Monday, giving your child the weekend to work on it if necessary. The purpose of the homework is to consolidate new learning obtained in class or extend world knowledge. Please ask you children which method/skill they have been taught and support them if they need some encouragement.

Spellings and handwriting practice (not supplied if your child has a handwriting pen) are sent home on a Monday, and will need to be completed each day. The reverse of the piece of paper also needs to be completed, ensuring that the words are applied into sentences (this is very important!). The spelling test is on a Friday morning.

With regards to PE, we have a brilliant year planned. To make things simple, PE WILL ALWAYS BE ON A MONDAY. That said, please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school during the week with it going home at weekends to be washed.

Thank you for your support.

Mr R Walker-Green
Brandy Class Teacher/ SENDCO
Maths Coordinator

Mr J Taylor
Brandy Class HLTA

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Welcome to Brandy Class

Welcome to Brandy Class 2014-15. We are looking forward to studying Italy for our first topic.

topic web1





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Our Environment – Topic web Summer Term 2 2014

Here is our topic web for the current Half Term. We have a busy half term of many events and activites. Please ask your child regularly for any additional letters and forms for needed for the different activities.

It has been a great year so far – there is no telling what we can achieve this half term!

Mr W-G

Topic web below:

Topc web - our enviro sum2 2014

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A quick update – I couldn’t wait for the coin-counting machine. Have just been counting away and adding up totals.

Amazed I recounted…

I am very happy to report that the total raised is £90.00!!!! 

So proud to have such wonderful classes at Wroxall Primary School.

Thank you so much for all the family members that attended, supported and are always engaged with their children’s learning!


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