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Our half term so far…

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Ten Pieces

Ten Pieces is an exciting new initiative for primary schools, led by BBC Learning and the BBC Performing Groups, focusing on classical music and creativity. On Tuesday, some children in KS2 went to Cineworld for an exclusive screening of the film. The children were excited to learn more about classical music. You can watch the film here:


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Numeracy Strategy – Parent Information

The school has recently been selected to take part in a National Numeracy scheme that aims to provide ideas and support for parents to assist their child at home and give access to resources. As part of the scheme, Year 3 and 4 are currently taking home ‘scrap book’ challenges as their weekly homework, aimed at providing a fun and engaging activity for parents to do alongside their child.

For the rest of the school, a website has been set up to provide additional resources, videos and support for maths. We would recommend visiting it…
With the trial being for a limited amount of time only, we would also really appreciate your feedback and views of how you feel about maths in general by completing the online survey below. The link is also on your class blog side. Thank you.
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Roman extravaganza in Newport; Children amazed!

Having driven past the very location many times few of us would have ever imagined that such a gem would be hidden away, squeezed between the Victorian, red brick, semi-detached houses. A very kindly and well-read guide met us at the door and there would begin our adventure for the next 4 hours…

Suddenly,I arrived at the amazing Roman villa ,and they told us all about how the Romans used their shields into a box! I thought it was very interesting – Amy.

Our Roman villa visit was so amazing that I was speechless! We learnt so much fact’s at the villa like the Romans did a turtle (a turtle is a defence).- Dylan

I stepped in the dark place and BAM it was brighter than the sun. We dressed up and made roman food we even pretended to live like a real vicious roman.- Hazel

Suddenly i arrived at the most amaizing roman villa ever seen. i was so pleased to come to the roman villa and see reel roman armour and play cool games! – Max

Excitedly I finished the picture-hunt worksheet at Newport Roman Villa. When I first saw the outside it looked like a tiny little house; it was actually really big inside – Isla

More quotes below…

IMG_20141001_140510 IMG_20141001_135929 IMG_20141001_135850 IMG_20141001_135701 IMG_20141001_135503 IMG_20141001_135453 IMG_20141001_135328 IMG_20141001_135151 IMG_20141001_135004 IMG_20141001_134837 IMG_20141001_134541 IMG_20141001_134423

Suddenly, we arrived at the awesome Roman Villa.First of all we went into a little room and  and the guide told us what activities we would be doing. It was so cool and amazing! – Thea

On our Roman Villa trip was the best because you could use a pestal and mortar to mash up herbs! We found out that one of the previous owner was killed – Joe

Running into the incredible Roman Villa we were so excited. My favourite part was when we crushed the lovely sweet smelling herbs (they smelt amazing)! – Bella

IMG_20141001_132407 IMG_20141001_131813 IMG_20141001_131341 IMG_20141001_120811 IMG_20141001_120805 IMG_20141001_120757 IMG_20141001_120724 IMG_20141001_120717 IMG_20141001_120706 IMG_20141001_114445 IMG_20141001_114431 IMG_20141001_114422 IMG_20141001_112552 IMG_20141001_111916 IMG_20141001_111713


Help for homework :-) BBC Bitesize


Good morning,

In addition to the help and support in school with the challenges for this terms homework please find a useful link below. The BBC KS2 Bitesize has some very good guides for writing in different formats. To have a quick look at the format just click ‘Read’ or if you want the full range you can play an educational game and watch a short animation as well.

Happy Homework Challenges to you all, as always please comment if you need some extra help.


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Scotland Votes ‘NO’ to Independence

Pro-union supporters celebrate

For all of those who have been interested in this week’s ‘BIG STORY’ click the link below to read more about the result from the Newsround website. What does this mean for the U.K. now?

Mr W-G

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Mathletics Champions



C.A.R.E. Board – Update


Some great numeracy personal CHALLENGES from our children’s C.A.R.E. board. Next weeks focus is RESPECT. Time for some Amazing Friday Learning (I think that’s what AFL stands for he he) Mr W-G :-)

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Music Maestro!

Today Brandy Class had an exciting music lesson with Mrs Patterson. We did some excellent singing and then started to learn how to read and compose music.



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Let’s Dance

Today, Brandy Class joined forces with the Year 4’s from Blossom class to take part in an exciting dance lesson. This is our PE topic for the first half term and lessons will always be on a Monday afternoon.




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